Release 2 of our system is now live and has been implemented at Manuwatu District Council



What our customers say about the system 

  • Seb Baker

    We really enjoy the use of  your system and hope that other councils in our region get on board!

    Seb Baker Director, Hughes & Baker Surveyors
  • Bill Jamieson

    Its simple and easy to navigate the various steps in a logical manner and provide a quick reference for the date a consent was submitted and its status, including the processing planners name

    Bill Jamieson Senior Planner, Geoworks Limited
  • Wendy Forsyth

    When I first went online, I used the YouTube user guide to guide my way through each step which was very easy to follow. This system is easy to use and saves a lot of time and effort to prepare and lodge applications with all the documents and review them before submitting. You no longer have to print and scan lots of documents. All parties get prompt notifications, so there is lot of transparency around status of applications.

    Wendy Forsyth Truebridge Associates Limited
  • Karel Boakes

    The Manawatu District Council went live with the Consents Online e-Resource Consent system late March 2020. This proved to be very timely due to the COVID19 lockdown, meaning that we could continue business as usual through this period and we are well set up if levels change again in the future. The internal paperless consenting process has reduced administration time and our planners find the system intuitive to use. Our customers are continuing to lodge resource consent applications electronically, are finding the system easy to use and are recognising the benefits to them and their clients.

    Karel Boakes Regulatory Manager, Manawatu District Council
  • Planners

    I think it is easy to use, provides all the information and is reliable.

    In my opinion, I think eRCS is easy to navigate in assessing applications.

    Planners Manawatu District Council

    From a compliance perspective it is critical, and a legal requirement, that conditions of consents are monitored and compliance with the conditions confirmed. We have found the monitoring module of eRCS a great tool to assist us with monitoring. It is quick and easy to use. From the Condition record screen, you are able to see at a glance the history of the monitoring of a consent condition, whether it has complied or failed, what enforcement action has been taken, correspondence issued or when a follow up appointment is scheduled for. Reports can be run each month to see what monitoring is due for the month ahead making it very easy to keep on top of the monitoring. Its a great asset to any Compliance team.

    PAUL GREIG Compliance and Enforcement Team Leader, Manawatu District Council