Manawatu District Council goes live with eRCS®...........      Congratulations to Bill Jamieson of Geoworks Limited for being the first person to lodge an application with eRCS®



Electronic Resource Consent System (eRCS®) is a fully integrated, online portal that enables all stakeholders to work collaboratively to process resource consents applications from any place at any time.

Lodgement Module

Customer facing front end where:

  • Applicants can engage Agents online to prepare and submit applications on their behalf.
  • All stakeholders can work collaboratively to:
    • Schedule pre-application meetings online,
    • Prepare and lodge resource consent applications online, and
    • Share all supporting documents online.
  • Applicants and agents can track status of their applications online.

Assessment Module

Back office where Councils can:

  • Respond to requests for pre-application meetings from Applicants and Agents.
  • Receive, review and formally accept resource consent application for processing. to start
  • Manage task, capture time and required costs.
  • Assess applications to determine whether or not to grant consents.

Monitoring Module

Back office system where Councils can:

  • Capture conditions of consents granted and monitor them online
  • Keep record of actions taken with all supporting documents
  • Allow all stakeholders to view status of conditions online.

Key Benefits Of eRCS®

Some key benefits of the system are:

  • Reduces duplication of effort and achieves economies of scale (e.g. sharing information between stakeholders).
  • Increases productivity and improves efficiency.
  • Improves customer service.
  • Improves communication and transparency.